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“My course and Membership site will teach
you how to find objective high probability trades.
In just 30 minutes a day."

Exclusive All-Star Members Website

What is "The Exclusive All-Star Members Website"?

Some investors really want to go deep and tap into my knowledge and on-going analysis and perspective of what is happening in the market. I therefore make myself available to a limited number of investors (on a private website) who would like to work with me directly, to help them learn what I know and begin to apply it to their investing.

As a part of the “Exclusive All Star Members Website", You will receive the following:

  • Weekly coaching videos where I provide on-going commentary, tips, and mentoring, to help you learn more about the whole analysis process so you can begin to recognize which stocks are setting up and know how best to handle various situations.
  • Private Q & A Videos - Witness the answers to the most common questions on your computer screen.
  • Zig's Zillion Dollar Zinger's - Tips and tricks that I don't share with anyone.
  • Credit Spread Calculator to analyze the rate of return on trades before placing.
  • Profit Alerts - 100% Free - A Value of $49
  • Camaraderie with other online Option Trading All-Stars
  • My Complete Bullish and Bearish Watchlists... Priceless!

I have also put together a Home Study Course which includes a 50 page Manual, 6 DVDs, and my own Personal Trading Journal which will help get you up-to-speed quickly. These are secrets that I have spent countless hours learning how to do, so with "Credit Spread Training Made Simple”™, you get to save yourself the pain and learning curve and get started immediately.

This is the ultimate "How To". And because it is on DVD, you can watch it again whenever you have questions or want to take your knowledge deeper and get a more thorough grounding. This $1000 course, which you receive for FREE when you sign up for 1 months membership, also comes with these exclusive bonuses:

Limited Time Bonus Offer #1
My Personal All-Star Trading Plan

I thought about this offer for a long-time before deciding to make it available to investors who try my system. I want you to succeed with this investment strategy, so that one day really soon, you can also quit your job and share with me the exciting life found through this secret investment approach.

To make sure you have every opportunity to succeed, I have decided to provide, as a bonus, my actual trading plan.

Please understand that I have taken many high-priced courses each with a cost of over
$5,000, and: I have...NEVER...seen any trader...make his personal trading plan available.

Sometimes you might be able to pick up bits and pieces of what goes into a plan, but their trading plan is their personal blue-print for success, and is based on a lifetime of investing and learning. It includes their personal values and philosophies on the markets.

For a limited time I will send you my personal trading plan for you to use with "Credit Spread Trading Made Simple" when you start trading. My All-Star Trading Plan contains twenty-one of my personal rules, laws and action steps; and shows you the exact way that I trade, so you have all information on how I was able to quit my job, and live like a CEO while only working 30 minutes per day.

One of my advisors thinks I am crazy to give this away. I showed it to him and he said this is my magnum opus, and how could I even think about letting it out into the investment world. He said this alone is worth much more than what I am charging for the “Exclusive All Star Members Website”. But I told him that I am dedicated to the success of investors who work with me, so I want to do this, and make sure you have every tool you need to be successful.

My All-Star Trading Plan Includes:

  • Pregame - Pep Talk
  • Analyze the Rate of Return
  • Allocate Precise Capital
  • Pull the Trigger (exact entries for Bull Put and Bear Call spreads)
  • Set My Alerts
  • Establish the Low Probability Exits
  • Review the Trade
  • Buy to Get Paid
When you sign up for my “Exclusive All Star Members Site”, you will get a release form to sign and return to me by fax. Once I get this signed release form, where you promise not to copy or distribute the All-Star Trading Plan, I will send it to you by e-mail.

Again, let me re-emphasize that I spent years putting this together and I may take this offer off the table at any time. If you want it, I suggest you act immediately.
30 Day Subscription to Profit Alert

If you ACT NOW and order one full month of my membership site, I will also give you a free one-month subscription to my weekly emails called , " Profit Alert"

The last piece of the puzzle for successful options trading is to know which stocks to trade and when. Once you get a trading account, you then need to know what to trade. This is where The Profit Alert comes in.

Are You Ready to Start Salivating Over the Premium That is About to Hit Your Account?

That is what the "Profit Alert" is all about, because it plugs you into high probability selling opportunities with huge premium that can be yours.

I don't know about you, but the prospect of this kind of money pouring into my account gets me pumped. It has allowed me the freedom to spend amazing amounts of quality time with my wife and boys.

Now, in my course, "Credit Spread Trading Made Simple", I show you exactly what conditions are required for a high probability trade and how to make those trades. But many people like some additional guidance along the way. That is where Profit Alerts come in.

You can save yourself some research and analysis time and get an extra pair of eyes working on your behalf with my Profit Alert. In effect, you'll outsource your research and analysis so you can get on with trading and not spend as much time analyzing stocks and set-ups.

With one month free subscription to the Profit Alert, you get off to a flying start! I give you the information that works for me, so you can succeed from day one, using the same model without doing the deep analysis

Profit Alert Helps You Hit the Ground Running!

The beauty is that you simply need to check the Profit Alert at the end of the day, check the charts, and make your decisions. For a beginner, this might take you an hour a day, but once you get up to speed, it shouldn't take you more than around 30 minutes.

In addition to showing you which stocks are in the Profit Zone, I also provide on-going commentary and mentoring, to help you learn more about the whole analysis process so you can begin to recognize which stocks are setting up and know how best to handle various situations.

As I mentioned, this is simple, though it is not easy. It can work for you if you have the right information and make the right trades, and the more you work the system, the better you will learn to recognize opportunities and increase your profits!

You will get a FREE subscription to Profit Alert when you join my membership site, so you not only learn how to make money with credit spread trading, you also get REGULAR UPDATES on what is happening in the market NOW, which will help you begin to trade with confidence!
Bonus Offer #3
Learning The Secret of the Iron Condor

If you ACT NOW, I will give you one final bonus which is potentially worth more than all the other bonus offers put together!

Learning the Secret of the Iron Condor - DVD

Credit spread trading and options trading offer you several lucrative ways to tap into endless streams of cash. This one technique in particular can potentially give you steady returns every month with almost NO EXTRA WORK required!

In my course "Credit Spread Trading Made Simple", two of the trading techniques I teach you are known as the Bear Call and Bull Put. In this bonus DVD, Learning the Secret of the Iron Condor, I show you how to combine these techniques into a simple but incredibly powerful technique called "The Iron Condor".

People familiar with options trading know about the Iron Condor, but few people understand how to really profit from it, because they don't have the other pieces of the puzzle, including how to know when a stock is setting up with the right conditions for maximum profit probability, and how to conduct a disciplined trade with maximum probability of success.

This DVD brings all this information together and gives you a tool that...by itself...can make you significant returns every month.

Just follow the rules for this trade, and it might be all you ever need to know to achieve your financial goals!

The course I am offering you..."Credit Spread Trading Made Simple" and the Exclusive All Star Membership Site hold the "POWER" to absolutely change your financial life. I did not invent this strategy, but I was wise enough to listen to other professionals and follow their PROVEN SYSTEM, completely changing my quality of life.

Now it's your turn, and I am revealing
this information to you at a reasonable cost.

No flying to seminars, missing work, or being away from family on the weekends. You are going to learn the inside scoop from the comfort of home.

I absolutely love this business, and I actually DO what I am going to be teaching you. I've got my hard earned CASH working in The Market, rain or shine. I knew from the moment I took my first class that this was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So I put my head down and read every book I could get my hands on, and attended more seminars than most people go to in their entire lives.

All of this learning can be yours, simply by choosing to act now and take advantage of this offer today.

I look forward to welcoming you to my world!


Jeff Ziegler

PS. Remember 100% of the profits from December 10 - Deceber 15 go to the awesome causes in the video above. Make this Christmas special for a deserving kid and also see for yourself the incredible power of this investment strategy.

PPS. So you know a little more about my character and my commitment to the success of people around me, I have enclosed two personal testimonials from people who have known me for years. These are reproduced below. The first is from Don Cardon, a businessman who is creating one of the largest developments in the history of western North America. The second is from Justin Hagee, who worked with me in my corporate job and knows the track record I have in business.

What People Are Saying...

As an entrepreneur and investor of large-scale opportunities, I am always intrigued with individuals who 'just seem to get it.' Having known Jeff for many years, I would easily describe him as one of the most disciplined visionaries I have ever met. Candidly, although I am involved in the development of the largest public/private development in the history of Phoenix, I have chosen only one additional investment opportunity and it is with Jeff.

He is trust-worthy and intensely committed to succeed. In the end, this was not going to be the opportunity I failed to pursue.

Don Cardon
Managing Partner and Principal,
CDK Partners Founding Visionary of Phoenix Future

I have known Jeff Ziegler now for 12 years. In that time we've worked together, we've played together and most importantly we've dreamed together. Jeff is a man of extreme passion and monumental vision!

He's a man who is, 1st and foremost dedicated to his wife, Tina and their 5 boys, Dalton, Garrett, Cade, Chase and Jett. In all of our dealings he is always seeking out ways to work more efficiently to spend more time at home. Early on in our relationship, Jeff taught me an important lesson that proves his commitment to his family. As salesman for the same company I noticed Jeff's day timer was always jam packed, and I wondered how he got so many leads, so one day I asked him. Jeff said "Here look carefully".......everyday started early with a devotion and then the multitude of sales calls, but as I looked closely, scattered throughout the day were "appointments" like "teach Dalton to swim, take Tina to dinner, exercise". Everyday he had scheduled items like this. I looked up and he said "if I don't schedule them I don't do them, and teaching my boy to swim is more important to me than any of those sales calls". What a lesson........what truth! Jeff made a decision, early on, to spend the most amount of time on the things that mattered most.

Jeff also taught me how to be positive. Jeff is, without a doubt, the most positive person I know, always finding the good in a situation despite the circumstances. To Jeff, mistakes aren't failure but an opportunity to learn and get better. This attitude has served him well over the years as I have seen him succeed at so many ventures despite making mistakes along the way.

Jeff Ziegler's ability to teach and motivate people is evident by his success as a sales manager for a (now) large landscaping company in Arizona. He took a $2.5 million in annual sales company to over 12 million in annual sales in less than 2 years. Those numbers are incredible, unless you know Jeff personally, like I do......then you realize that's just par for the course.

Jeff Ziegler has many qualities that he uses to make himself and those around him better, but don't take my word for it.......get to know Jeff yourself.........you will be rewarded!

Justin Hagee

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